Should Transmission Fluid Be Red?

Yes, Aero Auto Repair in Vista advises that your transmission fluid should be red. It should not be brown, black, or pink. We will explain why below. The transmission needs transmission fluid to keep it lubricated, cool, and to help it shift gears. Changing the transmission fluid every 30,000 miles ensures you always have red fluid in the transmission. Let’s talk more about the color red below.


The reason why we are harping on red is that this color of transmission fluid is the color of clean and healthy transmission fluid. In addition to the red color, the fluid is also translucent. This is how you want the fluid in your transmission to look. When it is red and translucent, it does not need to be changed because it is doing a great job of protecting the transmission. Your gear shifts will be smooth.


There will come a point when the transmission fluid starts to change colors. Provided the fluid is orange or light brown, it is still in good shape. When the fluid is either of these colors, it is usually also translucent. At this point, you can still leave the transmission fluid in the transmission. This being said, you are coming up on the 30,000-mile mileage milestone to have the transmission fluid changed


Once the transmission fluid turns brown, it needs to be changed immediately. Otherwise, you will start to have problems with your automatic transmission. Unfortunately, the color that the transmission has turned points to the fact that it is oxidizing. As the transmission fluid fills with air bubbles, it can no longer protect the transmission. Consequently, the transmission will start to have problems shifting the gears.


If you don’t change the transmission fluid when it is brown, it will turn black. This is a sign that the fluid’s oxidation is complete. Consequently, driving your automobile is going to damage the transmission. In fact, the transmission may refuse to go into gear or slip out of gear. If you change your transmission fluid every 30,000 miles, it should never turn black.


Finally, although the transmission fluid does not turn pink through the oxidation process, it bears discussing this color. If the transmission fluid is pink, it is being mixed with the engine’s coolant. The fluid mixture will cause serious damage to the transmission.

Call Aero Auto Repair in Vista, CA, today if it has been 30,000 miles since you have had your transmission fluid changed. We will set up an appointment to do so.

Photo by PongMoji from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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