Signs My Car’s Alternator Is Going Bad

Your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s alternator may go bad after it has produced electricity for 10 years. It takes approximately 10 years to drive 100,000 miles. We are going to list the signs that you have a problem with the alternator below so you know what to look for in your automobile. Do not worry. It takes approximately three hours to switch out an alternator, and we can do that at our shop.

Accessory Malfunction

Your vehicle’s accessories are going to malfunction if they do not receive enough power from the alternator. This includes things like the center console, the rearview camera, the entertainment system, and the navigation system. Your power seats and windows may also slow down exponentially.

Battery Warning

You may receive a battery warning on the dashboard even though the alternator is the problem. The battery light covers both the battery and the alternator. Consequently, this light will continue to shine and be an eyesore until you replace the alternator with a new one.

Cranking Starts

If your engine cranks several times before it starts, this is a sign that the alternator is not sending enough electricity to the battery. In fact, your battery may die and you may need to jump-start your battery frequently to get the engine started.

Hot Electricity

In some cases, the alternator will produce too much electricity because it is malfunctioning. Unfortunately, this can leave you with blown fuses in the fuse box and surging electricity through the electrical system. This will overheat the system and cause burning odors.

Misfiring Spark Plugs

Your spark plugs may also start to misfire if the alternator is going bad. The alternator sends electricity through the plug wires so the spark plugs can fire in the cylinders. If the plugs are not getting the electricity they need, they will misfire and your engine will idle roughly and stall.

Odd Engine Sounds

The alternator can make strange noises in the engine if it is going bad. Specifically, it can growl or grind in the front of the engine. These noises are an indication that the alternator has worn out internally.

Vehicle Light Problems

Finally, there’s no way to avoid vehicle light problems if the alternator is not producing enough electricity. If this is the case, your lights will not have the brightness they normally have. They may also flicker.

As we mentioned above, we can replace your alternator. Call us today to schedule a service appointment for your automobile.

Photo by loraks from Getty Images pro via Canva Pro

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