Wheel Alignments

Wheel Alignments

You’ve probably been there. You are driving your vehicle down a long stretch of straight road and you notice that the emblem on your steering wheel is tilted slightly to one side. You’re going straight but your wheel is askew?  What you have there is the first – and most easily noticed – symptom that your car has misaligned wheels. The very best way to avoid this phenomenon is to get regular wheel alignments from the experienced professionals at Aero Auto Repair in Vista, CA. Don’t drive the streets of Vista crooked and on worn tires, make an appointment with us today.

Wheel Alignment in Vista, CA

What actually happens when you bring your car in for a wheel alignment? Wheel alignment is the process of adjusting the pieces of your vehicle’s suspension, angling the wheels and tires so that all surfaces hit the road with equal frequency. This helps with even steering, your car’s performance and helps prevent uneven wear on tires. Misaligned wheels aren’t always your fault, either. Accidents, major and minor, and even hitting road hazards can knock your wheels askew, but the passage of time can do so as well. If you see the tilted logo on your steering wheel or things just seem off, it’s time for a wheel alignment from Aero Auto Repair.

Suspension and Alignment in Vista, CA

When it comes to wheel alignment, the experts at Aero Auto Repair are the Vista, CA, experts. During the alignment process, we check your tires, wheels, and suspension, making sure that when the rubber hits the road, everything in your car is perfectly in line and fined tuned. Since misaligned wheels cause uneven tire wear, we will check for that too. And we offer tire suggestions for repair or replacements as necessary. Our ASE-Certified mechanics will straighten everything out and have you on your way in no time.

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If you are seeing that tilted logo on your steering wheel when driving the straightest of roads, you’ve got a problem with misaligned wheels. Luckily, the professional experts at Aero Auto Repair are happy to help get things on the straight and narrow again, and our 3-year/36,000 mile warranty lets you know that we will do the work right the first time, every time. Make an appointment with us today.

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