Why Diagnostics Are So Important for Your Automobile

You might think that diagnostic tests for automobiles are all the rage, but these tests actually serve a very important purpose. Aero Auto Repair performs these tests on our customers’ vehicles because they quickly tell us what is wrong so we can repair the problem right away. Today’s automobiles are giant computers on wheels. This is one reason why diagnostics are important for vehicle diagnosis.

The Engine Control Unit and System Sensors

Your car, truck, or utility vehicle is equipped with an engine control unit and several system sensors. Also called the ECU, the unit is your main computer chip. The system sensors talk with the ECU to report problems. You may have noticed that all of your dashboard warning lights turn on when you first start your automobile. This is an example of the communication between the sensors and the ECU. The sensors are reporting that everything is okay. Once the ECU gets this message, it turns off the related dashboard warning light. This is a complex system but it works well in automobiles.

The Error Codes That Point Directly to the Problem

If something goes awry in one of your vehicle’s systems, the system sensor will report an error code to the ECU. If the ECU can resolve the problem itself, it will not turn on a dashboard warning light. If it cannot resolve the issue, it will turn on a dashboard warning light to alert you that the engine is having a problem. For example, if your oxygen sensor begins to malfunction, it will send an error code to the ECU and the ECU will turn on the check engine light. It’s important to take these warnings seriously as they are an indication that something is wrong even if your automobile seems to be running just fine.

The Time it Saves and the Money You Save

When you come into our shop and we run a diagnostic test, the error code at the end of the test will point us directly to the faulty oxygen sensor. This saves us time in terms of diagnosing why your check engine light came on. Naturally, the less time we spend trying to figure out what is wrong with your automobile the more money you save on your auto repair bill. Because the diagnostic test pointed us directly to the oxygen sensor, we can replace the sensor right away and you can get back on the road.

This is why diagnostics are so important for your automobile. Aero Auto Repair in Vista, CA, runs diagnostic tests in our shop. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your vehicle.

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